Established in the United States in 2017, LaMoon Knits is a small business that travels around the world along with Agniete Kurutyte Kaufman, the owner and designer.
We create high quality, minimalistic, versatile and easy-care knitwear. We use only the best organic, eco-friendly Italian yarns.
Our love for the craft has made us focus on non-industrial production processes. Most pieces are hand-loomed using domestic knitting machines or hand knitted with needles. A small number of pieces are machine-knitted in Belgium, at a family owned workshop.
All end-use yarns are blends of 2-3 varieties. We often mix several different fibers to achieve the desired effect. For most part we use cotton, merino wool, linen, and bamboo.
Agniete uses her Brother domestic knitting machine, knitting needles and crochet as part of the design process. Her love for the knitting craft has been nurtured from when she was a little girl. As a first-grader she would often get in trouble with her teacher, who would scold her for hiding her secret knitting projects under the desk during class. But it was only several years ago that she decided to elevate her hobby to a different level. She took time off her career in international development and communications to study knitting design at the Brussels Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 
“This is where my love for the craft has led to different dimensions of working with the knitted garment – a way that goes beyond simply knitting, and that enables to knit the sentiment, the feeling, and the smell.”
Soon after, it was time for LaMoon Knits. Why LaMoon? Because one of her little kiddos said that a little ball of yarn looks just like the moon!
As we move around the world, we learn about the knitting culture and resources in each country, thus enriching the tiny universe of LaMoon Knits. Our team currently consists of a few knitters in Lithuania, Belgium and Azerbaijan.